Our classes are organised by ability rather than age, which allows all students to learn at the correct pace and level. We take into account previous experience and natural ability when you attend a taster session with us to determine which class is the perfect one for your child. Below we have listed all class types available at 4th Dimension class types/styles may vary at different locations.

Please get in touch with us here to discuss your free taster session.

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Early Dimensions

Our littlest movers and shakers! This is a fun class for 3-5yr olds, those teeny tots that just love to boogie at home! This is a great starter for all children to get them used to the format of a dance class whilst keeping it fun-filled and fast paced enough to keep them focused throughout!

1DX, 2DX and 3DX

These are our Hip Hop/Commercial classes, focusing on Hip Hop foundations such as Popping, Locking, Breaking, House and Waacking. We use the world renowned UDO Street Dance syllabus as a guideline when structuring these sessions. This class is upbeat and fast paced, focusing on hip hop grooves as well as incorporating Commercial techniques such as stage presence, clean lines, performance and big movements. In addition to this we work on strength, stamina and correct stretching.

All classes are mixed ages from 6-18yrs.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Dimension

These are our Jazz/Contemporary classes, focusing on building strong Jazz technique within our students this class explores dance with expression whilst improving flexibility and overall dance ability. A usual class will feature an extended warm up with lots of stretching and conditioning work, then will move on to corner or centre work such as tendus, kicks, leaps, pirouettes etc. and finish with a fun Jazz combo or Contemporary/Lyrical routine.

All classes are mixed ages from 6-18yrs.

Technique and 4D Dancers

These are both invite only classes for our existing students that have shown vast potential and/or would like to go onto dance training in further education.